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Saint Andrew UCC, Louisville's Good Samaritan Fund 


On the first Sunday of each month at Saint Andrew UCC, Louisville, offering plates are presented at each exit from our Sanctuary and the Good Samaritan Offering is taken.  This fund is overseen by our Pastor, the Chairperson of our Community Outreach Team and the Church Treasurer. Substantial check contributions and suggestions for worthy recipients can both be directed to our Pastor.  The funds from this offering are used to assist Saint Andrew UCC, Louisville members when requested at a time of special need.  The identity of such member is held in the strictest of confidence. Since its inception, the Good Samaritan Fund has made a real different in the lives of many of our members. If you wish to make a substantial check contribution please contact our Pastor at (502) 452-1777, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, or use our on-line contact form.


Within our United Church of Christ, we are "5 for 5"!


4 UCC Special Offerings in addition to Our Church's Wider Mission Basic Support (OCWM)!


  1. One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) - (world-wide disaster relief, long-term community development projects, aid for refugees and other homeless people.
  2. Strengthen the Church (STC) - (strengthening and renewing existing congregations in transition, funding leadership for new churches, and offering new programs for youth and young adults.)
  3. Neighbors in Need (NIN) - (leadership aid for Native American UCC Churches, Grants to Social Service Agencies in the Conference, and to assist other disadvantaged neighbors in the USA.)
  4. The Christmas Fund (TCF) - (formerly known as "Veterans of the Cross," is a collection of supplemental funds for retired clergy and spouses with low income pension bases, emergency and disability grants and health plan supplementation for clergy in need, and Christmas grants to especially needy single clergy spouses.)

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July 31, 2021


Saint Andrew UCC has been Open and Affirming since 2009!

We welcome everybody, as Jesus would!; We are particularly intentional about extending a special welcome to, and full affirmation of, folks from among the LGBTQ community. For more information, see our Open and Affirming page.


Join Us!

If you are curious about what a truly nurturing community of believers is like, then you should go to our Join Us! page.


What is the United Church of Christ?

Find out about the United Church of Christ (UCC) and the history, posture and beliefs of our denomination on our About the UCC page.


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