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On the very first day of sorting contributions to our brand new church from sister Evangelical and Reformed (E&R) churches, Dot Drury, Louise Grant and Thyra Whitford came across some religious books. A decision was made to keep them and maybe we could have a little library. Several days later we found many other books. Fortunately two small donated bookcases came in handy. Because Louise Grant at that time was volunteering at the Methodist Evangelical Hospital and taking a cart load of books to the sick people who chose books to read during their stay at the hospital, Rev. Bumb immediately named Louise Grant librarian whom he thought had some experience with books. 


The two bookcases and all the books were kept on the back porch of the farm house until the first unit of the new church was built. The library was set up in the all purpose conference room-sacristy which opened to the sanctuary and the corridor to the church office.  At that time, in 1960, the librarians were Ruth Geiser, Louise Grant, and Jean McGill. We had no equipment and had to bring our own typewriters and take them home when our work for the morning was finished. Eventually a member of the church donated a filing cabinet and a cart for moving books around for display in the church.


The library was formally organized in December 1964, and on March 8, 1968, Louise Grant was enrolled in the Evangelical and Reformed Church Library Plan.


Finally, there were two librarians left - Ruth Geiser and Louise Grant, who worked together over 30 years until Ruth passed away.   During those years we had little events for the children in the summer, and for the adults there were all kinds of games, and activities which kept quite a few people reading and participating.


When St. Matthew United Church of Christ joined Saint Andrew United Church of Christ Ruth Sickbert volunteered to work in the library.  Soon a new and large addition to the church was made, and a great library was part of it.  Ruth and Louise spent days putting books onto the new shelving. The library was one of the outstanding church libraries in Louisville.  People came to look at it. People from other churches held meetings here. St. Matthew Episcopal Church was so impressed, their librarians came often to have meetings here and finally used our church as the model for their new library.


 Louise Grant Louise Grant Library Sign


On February 25, 2007, the library was named "The Louise Grant Library."


After moving into the present library, Judy Hardin and Eleanor Hancock joined the crew. Sadly, Eleanor left in 2012 because of illness.


Young Campbell Childers volunteered to work in the library for one month during one summer pasting colored circles on the children’s books.  Aric Whitehead volunteered during another summer doing odd jobs. They really enjoyed their jobs and we enjoyed having them.


Over the years the library has had many  special programs for adults and children: 

  • Stories & Songs for young children by JR Cannaday
  • Exploring Deep Ecology
  • A trip to Lexington to see a display of 40 different New Testament verses, and pages of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Road Trip to Cincinnati in honor of Black History Month
  • Aunt Minerva’s Diary
  • Campbell Childers’ Experience in Italy
  • Warehouse of Supplies Over Seas - for children 13 years old and adults, with Allen  Montgomery 
  • Several lectures given by Judy Hardin for the church women

One summer, Becky Swope had a "Story Hour" every Thursday 6:30 PM for a month which attracted some of neighborhood children. A favorite "Hymn Sing-a-long" was held, singing all the old favorites, using some of the old hymnals in the library.


To bring this brief history up-to-date, Ruth Sickbert has now left the Library because of declining health. Judy Hardin continues to offer many hours to the effort every Friday and Susan Poppe has joined the team.


The entire community of Saint Andrew United Church of Christ is very grateful to all who have made contributions to our library in the past, and to our "pioneer" librarians, especially Louise Grant, who remains the heart and soul of this important ministry of education for all.


July 31, 2021


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